Armstrong Linoleum Floor Tiles

Linoleum floor tiles are an almost obvious choice for the kitchen floor. It is very durable, easy to clean and moreover naturally soft, which makes it feel comfortable to walk on. The latter is of course important in a place where they often stay. Linoleum floor tiles are also available in a wide range of [...]

Copper Ceiling Tiles Backsplash

Copper Ceiling Tiles – Ceiling tiles created in the mid 19′s as a cheaper alternative to the popular hand-carved plaster ceilings found in European homes. Originally made of tin, decorative ceiling tiles today are available in both plastic and metal varieties. To create a unique antique look, choose copper ceiling tiles. These will maintain its [...]

Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring Beautiful

Vinyl wood plank flooring – Wood flooring is the most sought after type of flooring because of its unmatched style, class and grace. Wood floors create a warm and cozy atmosphere in any environment. However, there are some disadvantages of wooden floors, including susceptibility to scratches, stains and other damage. This makes it very difficult [...]

Vinyl Plank Flooring Dark Walnut

Installing Resilient Vinyl Plank Flooring – plank flooring resistant vinyl will take your breath away when you see it. The floorboards are surprisingly close to the real wood floors. Vinyl floors provide a waterproof surface. There are not many tools for installing resilient vinyl plank flooring. You need floor leveling compound if the ground is [...]

Awesome Terrazzo Floors

Removing Stain On Terrazzo Floors – Terrazzo floors are made with a mixture of marble cement. This type of flooring became popular during the Roman era, and now we usually find on floors, furniture and sculptures. Terrazzo floors are very delicate, so do not have to rub the stain with a lullaby of steel or [...]

Painting Laminate Floors Living Room

Painting laminate floors – If your home has laminate floor, you may have wondered what can be done to improve or change the appearance of old laminate. The painting may seem like a good option. However, professionals do not advise or recommend painting of laminate flooring. There are other viable options to improve the appearance [...]

Rubber Floor Tiles Bathroom

Rubber Floor Tiles – The raw material for rubber flooring made up of synthetic rubber, commonly SBR rubber. Small amounts of natural rubber can occur in the rubber floor. Kaolin, chalk and carbon black with the color pigments are the most common fillers and additives that provide rubber floors its properties and appearance. Rubber floor [...]

Travertine Tiles 12x12

Travertine tiles – Finding the right tile for your bathroom need to sift what may seem endless choices. Natural stone like marble or granite offer beauty at a high cost; option as ceramic and porcelain deal function at a lower cost. Many people consider travertine to be a nice compromise. If you are thinking of [...]

Best Laminate Flooring That Looks Like Wood

Laminate flooring that looks like wood – Should you choose a new floor? Thinking of wood, you are not alone. Wood is the most common flooring material in Sweden, and oak are the most popular wood species. This gives the floor a pro their best advice. It is not surprising that wood is by far [...]

Linoleum Wood Flooring Care

Linoleum Wood Flooring - A kitchen floor is so much more than a beautiful floor that matches the kitchen cabinets and other furnishings such as countertops and tiles etc. Kitchen floor should be pleasant to walk on, easy to maintain and resistant enough to be year after year. The floor covering in a kitchen gives the [...]